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Draft CSV for importing materials into CollectiveAccess
Rule type Source CA table.element Group Options Refinery Refinery parameters Original values Replacement values Source description Notes
Mapping 1 ca_list_items.idno
Mapping 2 ca_list_items.preferred_labels.name_plural
Mapping 2 ca_list_items.preferred_labels.name_singular
Constant 55 ca_list_items.list_id
Rule triggers Rule actions Description Notes
Setting name Setting value Description Notes
Setting name – Import materials Human readable name of the mapping Arbitrary text
Setting code nomisma_materials Alphanumeric code of the mapping Arbitrary, no special characters or spaces
Setting inputFormats CSVDelimited Sets types of source (input) data that can be handled by this import mapping. Values are format codes defined by the various DataReader plugins. You can specify multiple formats by specifying their format codes in a semicolon delimited list. file type
Setting table ca_list_items Sets the table for the imported data Corresponds to CollectiveAccess Basic Tables
Setting type concept Type to set all imported records to. If import includes a mapping to type_id, that will be privileged and the type setting will be ignored. CollectiveAccess list item idno
Setting numInitialRowsToSkip 1 The number of rows at the top of the data set to skip. Use this setting to skip over column headers in spreadsheets and similar data. Numeric value
Setting existingRecordPolicy overwrite_on_idno Determines how existing records are checked for and handled for the mapping
Setting errorPolicy stop Determines how errors are handled for the import. "Stop" will halt the entire import on any error.
Setting archiveMapping no Set to yes to save the mapping spreadsheet; no to delete it from the server after import
Setting archiveDataSets no Set to yes to save the data spreadsheet or no to delete it from the server after import
Setting basePath Use to supply set of XML nodes that will be treated, for purposes of import, as individual records. For XML input formats only
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