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Created July 14, 2022 19:08
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SPARQL query of nomisma places to generate Linked Pasts GeoJSON-LD
PREFIX crm: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX dcmitype: <>
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX nm: <>
PREFIX nmo: <>
PREFIX org: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
PREFIX osgeo: <>
SELECT ?place ?label ?definition ?type ?source ?sourceLabel ?lat ?long ?geojson (group_concat(DISTINCT ?exactMatch) as ?exactMatches) (group_concat(DISTINCT ?closeMatch) as ?closeMatches) (group_concat(DISTINCT ?broader) as ?broaders) (group_concat(DISTINCT ?broaderLabel) as ?broaderLabels) (group_concat(DISTINCT ?related) as ?periods) WHERE {
{?place a nmo:Mint}
UNION {?place a nmo:Region}
?place skos:prefLabel ?label FILTER (langMatches(lang(?label), "en"))
OPTIONAL {?place skos:definition ?definition FILTER (langMatches(lang(?definition), "en"))}
?place rdf:type ?type FILTER (?type != skos:Concept)
?place geo:location ?loc.
OPTIONAL {?loc geo:lat ?lat ;
geo:long ?long }
OPTIONAL {?loc osgeo:asGeoJSON ?geojson}
OPTIONAL {?place dcterms:isPartOf ?field}
OPTIONAL {?place skos:closeMatch ?closeMatch}
OPTIONAL {?place skos:exactMatch ?exactMatch}
OPTIONAL {?place skos:broader ?broader .
?broader skos:prefLabel ?broaderLabel FILTER (langMatches(lang(?broaderLabel), "en"))}
OPTIONAL {?place dcterms:source ?source .
?source skos:prefLabel ?sourceLabel FILTER (langMatches(lang(?sourceLabel), "en"))}
OPTIONAL {?place dcterms:isPartOf/skos:related ?related}
FILTER NOT EXISTS {?place dcterms:isReplacedBy ?replace}
} GROUP BY ?place ?label ?definition ?type ?source ?sourceLabel ?lat ?long ?geojson ORDER BY ASC(?label)
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