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Get reverse dies paired with an obverse die, and then get the obverse dies paired with those reverse dies.
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX nm: <>
PREFIX nmo: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
SELECT DISTINCT ?die ?dieLabel ?altDie ?altDieLabel (count(?object) as ?count) WHERE {
BIND (<> as ?die)
GRAPH <> {
?object nmo:hasObverse/nmo:hasDie/rdf:value ?die
SELECT ?object ?altDie WHERE {
?object nmo:hasReverse/nmo:hasDie/rdf:value ?altDie
?die skos:prefLabel ?dieLabel FILTER langMatches(lang(?dieLabel), "en").
?altDie skos:prefLabel ?altDieLabel FILTER langMatches(lang(?altDieLabel), "en").
} GROUP BY ?die ?dieLabel ?altDie ?altDieLabel ORDER BY ?dieLabel ?altDieLabel
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