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Get IIIF services for coins connected to coin types
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX nm: <>
PREFIX nmo: <>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX void: <>
PREFIX svcs: <>
SELECT ?object ?title ?identifier ?collection ?publisher ?dataset ?datasetTitle ?weight ?axis ?diameter ?obvService ?revService ?comService WHERE {
?object nmo:hasTypeSeriesItem <typeURI> ;
rdf:type nmo:NumismaticObject ;
dcterms:title ?title .
OPTIONAL { ?object dcterms:identifier ?identifier}
OPTIONAL { ?object nmo:hasCollection ?colUri .
?colUri skos:prefLabel ?collection FILTER(langMatches(lang(?collection), "EN"))}
?object void:inDataset ?dataset .
?dataset dcterms:publisher ?publisher ;
dcterms:title ?datasetTitle FILTER (lang(?datasetTitle) = "" || langMatches(lang(?datasetTitle), "en")) .
OPTIONAL { ?object nmo:hasWeight ?weight }
OPTIONAL { ?object nmo:hasAxis ?axis }
OPTIONAL { ?object nmo:hasDiameter ?diameter }
{ ?object foaf:depiction ?comRef .
?comRef svcs:has_service ?comService}
{ ?object nmo:hasObverse/foaf:depiction ?obvRef.
?obvRef svcs:has_service ?obvService }
{ ?object nmo:hasReverse/foaf:depiction ?revRef .
?revRef svcs:has_service ?revService }
} ORDER BY ASC(?publisher) ASC(?collection)
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