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Republican coins with RRC numbers in the Getty
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX crm: <>
PREFIX getty: <>
prefix getty-media: <>
PREFIX aat: <>
PREFIX la:<>
PREFIX crmsci: <>
SELECT ?coin ?accession ?name ?dor ?weight ?diameter ?found ?ref WHERE {
?coin crm:P2_has_type aat:300037222 ;
crm:P67i_is_referred_to_by ?citation ;
crm:P1_is_identified_by ?id1, ?id2 ;
rdfs:label ?name;
rdf:type crm:E22_Human-Made_Object .
OPTIONAL {?coin crm:P43_has_dimension ?dim1 .
?dim1 crm:P2_has_type aat:300056240 ;
crm:P91_has_unit aat:300379226;
crm:P90_has_value ?weight}
OPTIONAL {?coin crm:P43_has_dimension ?dim2 .
?dim2 crm:P2_has_type aat:300055624 ;
crm:P90_has_value ?diameter}
OPTIONAL {?coin crmsci:O19i_was_object_found_by ?found}
?id1 crm:P2_has_type <> ;
crm:P190_has_symbolic_content ?dor.
?id2 crm:P2_has_type aat:300312355 ;
crm:P190_has_symbolic_content ?accession.
?citation crm:P2_has_type <> ;
crm:P190_has_symbolic_content ?ref FILTER (regex(?ref, "^Crawford"))
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