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Credit: Mark Kraus

Collection Type Guidence

When to use what

  • Use Arrays if you know the element types and have a fixed length and/or known-up-front collection size that will not change.
  • Use ArrayList if you have an unkown collection size with either unknown or mixed type elements.
  • Use a Generic List when know the type of the elements but not the size of the collection.
  • Use a HashTable if you are going to do key based lookups on a collection and don't know the object type of the elements.
  • Use a Dictionary<TKey, TValue> you are going to do key based lookups on a collection and you know the type of the elements.
  • Use a HashSet when you know the type of elements and just want unique values and quick lookups and assignmnets.
View Set-WmiNamespaceSecurity.ps1
# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# For personal use only. Provided AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS.
# Set-WmiNamespaceSecurity.ps1
# Example: Set-WmiNamespaceSecurity root/cimv2 add steve Enable,RemoteAccess
Param (
[parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=0)][string] $namespace,
View Execute-LimitedNumberOfPSJobs.ps1
$maxConcurrentJobs = 100 #Max. number of simultaneously running jobs
foreach($Object in $Objects) { #Where $Objects is a collection of objects to process. It may be a computers list, for example.
$Check = $false #Variable to allow endless looping until the number of running jobs will be less than $maxConcurrentJobs.
while ($Check -eq $false) {
if ((Get-Job -State 'Running').Count -lt $maxConcurrentJobs) {
$ScriptBlock = {
#Insert the code of your workload here
Start-Job -ScriptBlock $ScriptBlock
View Reverse-DelimitedString.ps1
param (
[System.Array]$Delimiter = '.'
$StringListReversed = @()
foreach ($String in $StringList) {
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