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Last active August 18, 2017 17:12
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Python multiprocessing

Python Multiprocessing

This gist exists to keep track of modifications to code from a blog post.

The first revision of this gist is the code as it exists on the blog post at the time of this writing. Follow-up revisions are proposed improvments.

from __future__ import print_function
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor
import logging
import time
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__) # we'll use this later for error-reporting
class FakeDiff(object):
Fake diff implementation for demonstration only
def __init__(self, a, b):
self.diffs = []
def fetch(url):
LOG.debug('Fetching %r using fake GET', url)
from time import sleep
from random import randint
sleep(randint(0, 3)) # simulate slow network
return {
'results': [{
'types': {'postal_code'},
'address_components': {'United States'}
import requests
return requests.get(url).json()
def diff(a, b):
LOG.debug('Diffing %r with %r using fake diff', a, b)
return FakeDiff(a, b)
from datadiff import diff
return diff(a, b)
def getzip(code):
code = str(code)
url = "{}".format(code)
res = fetch(url)['results']
if len(res) < 1: # Re-try
return getzip(code)
iszip = 'postal_code' in res[0]['types'] and "United States" in str(res[0]['address_components'])
except Exception:
# Let's not silence the traceback. This contains valuable information
# for debugging. Using the logging framework makes this ease. Either
# like this:
LOG.exception('In error') # high severity message including the traceback
# ... or like this:
LOG.debug('In error', exc_info=True) # Low severity, not displayed by default
iszip = False
return (code, iszip)
ziprange = range(94400, 94420)
print("Range is: %s" % len(ziprange)) # Using %-formatting is a bit cleaner
print("Using one thread")
start = time.time()
syncres = [getzip(c) for c in ziprange]
print("took %s" % (time.time() - start))
print("Using multiple threads")
start = time.time()
with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=10) as executor:
results =, ziprange)
asyncres = sorted(results)
print("took %s" % (time.time() - start))
# Make sure results are equal
d = diff(syncres, asyncres)
if len(d.diffs) > 0:
print("diff is")
for r in asyncres:
print("Zip code {} is {} US code".format(r[0], "valid" if r[1] else "invalid"))
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