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namespace Domain.ProductInformation.EventHandlers
public class ProductInformationHandler :
private readonly ReviewUsecase _reviewUseCase;
private readonly IStorePurchaseOrders _purchaseOrderStore;
private readonly IStoreProducts _productStore;
public ProductInformationHandler(
ReviewUsecase reviewUseCase,
IStorePurchaseOrders purchaseOrderStore,
IStoreProducts productStore)
_reviewUseCase = reviewUseCase;
_purchaseOrderStore = purchaseOrderStore;
_productStore = productStore;
public async Task Handle(ProductInformation eventToHandle)
var product = eventToHandle.ToEntity();
await _productStore.Save();
var purchaseOrderItems = await _purchaseOrderStore
foreach (var item in purchaseOrderItems)
await _reviewUseCase.Execute(item, product);
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