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explorer14/Usecase.cs Secret

Last active Jun 22, 2020
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public sealed class RoverOperationUsecase
private readonly IRetrieveRoverCommands roverCommandRetriever;
private readonly ITransmitRoverPosition roverPositionTransmitter;
public RoverOperationUsecase(
IRetrieveRoverCommands roverCommandRetriever,
ITransmitRoverPosition roverPositionTransmitter)
this.roverCommandRetriever = roverCommandRetriever;
this.roverPositionTransmitter = roverPositionTransmitter;
public async Task StartRoverOperation()
// 1. Get all commands from the IRetrieveRoverCommands port
// 2. Loop over all the commands and execute them against the rover one by one
// 3. Publish rover's current position to the output port ITransmitRoverPosition
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