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explorer14/Persistence.cs Secret

Created Dec 22, 2019
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private static void Main(string[] args)
DbContextOptionsBuilder<MyContext> builder = new DbContextOptionsBuilder<MyContext>();
builder.UseSqlServer("<connection string>");
Guid blogId;
Guid postIdToRemove;
// Let's create the Aggregate root first i.e. Blog
using(var ctx = new MyContext(builder.Options))
var blog = new Blog("Aman'");
blogId = blog.Id;
// Now let's publish some posts in the blog
using (var ctx = new MyContext(builder.Options))
var blog = ctx.Blogs.Where(x => x.Id == blogId).Include(x => x.Posts).FirstOrDefault();
blog.CreatePost("Migrating from EF Core 2. to EF Core 3.0", "Its a bit broken!");
blog.CreatePost("Migrating from .NET Core 2.2 to NET Core 3.1", "Went kinda ok!");
ctx.SaveChanges(); // <--- this is where it blows up!
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