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Last active Aug 17, 2021
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public class DtoGenerator : ISourceGenerator
public void Execute(GeneratorExecutionContext context)
var targetTypeTracker = context.SyntaxContextReceiver as TargetTypeTracker;
var codeBuilder = new StringBuilder();
foreach (var typeNode in targetTypeTracker.TypesNeedingDtoGening)
// Use the semantic model to get the symbol for this type
var typeNodeSymbol = context.Compilation
// get the namespace of the entity class
var entityClassNamespace = typeNodeSymbol.ContainingNamespace?.ToDisplayString() ?? "NoNamespace";
// give each DTO a name, just suffix the entity class name with "Dto"
var generatedDtoClassName = $"{typeNodeSymbol.Name}Dto";
// Add usings
codeBuilder.AppendLine("using System;");
codeBuilder.AppendLine("using System.Collections.Generic;");
codeBuilder.AppendLine("using System.Linq;");
// Add target namespace
codeBuilder.AppendLine($"namespace {entityClassNamespace}.Dtos");
// Start class
codeBuilder.AppendLine($"\tpublic class {generatedDtoClassName}");
// get all the properties defined in this class
var allProperties = typeNode.Members.OfType<PropertyDeclarationSyntax>();
// for each property in the domain entity, create a corresponding property
// in the DTO with the same type
foreach (var property in allProperties)
// Add closing braces
// add the code for this DTO class to the context so it can be added to the build
SourceText.From(codeBuilder.ToString(), Encoding.UTF8));
public void Initialize(GeneratorInitializationContext context)
context.RegisterForSyntaxNotifications(() => new TargetTypeTracker());
internal static class SourceGenExtns
internal static string BuildDtoProperty(
this PropertyDeclarationSyntax property, Compilation compilation)
// get the symbol for this property from the semantic model
var symbol = compilation
var property = (symbol as IPropertySymbol);
// use the same type and name for the DTO properties as on the entity
return $"public {property.Type.Name()} {property.Name} {{get; set;}}";
// instead of returning "System.Collections.Generic.IList<>", just condense it to "IList<>"
// the namespace is already added in the usings block
internal static string Name(this ITypeSymbol typeSymbol) =>
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thmsantonio commented Aug 17, 2021

I have one suggestion on the code. The parameter property of the BuildDtoProperty method should be named pds, otherwise it will conflict with the property variable (row nr. 70).

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