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public class GivenThereArePurchaseOrdersForTheProduct
public async Task ShouldCreateValidSuggestion()
var productId = {use a dummy id};
// set up the stub to already have a purchase order stored
var poStore = new PurchaseOrderStoreStub()
var productStore = new ProductStoreStub();
var suggestionStore = new SuggestionStoreStub();
// initialise the System Under Test passing in all the stubbed dependencies
var handler = new ProductInformationHandler(
new ReviewUseCase(
// invoke the handle method (It doesn't matter if its invoked
// via an event arriving in a queue or by a test suite like this one)
// create a test event with canned values
await handler.Handle(
// Time to assert on the output of handling the test event.
var savedProduct = await productStore.GetByProductId(productId);
var suggestionForProduct = await suggestionStore.GetFor(productId);
// Assert that incoming product was saved successfully
// Assert that as a result of an appropriate event, the suggestion was also created
// and stored in the "database"
// various other assertions on suggestion attributes.
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