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luk exside

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* CercecUser
* @author Marc Elie <>
* Event: OnUserFormSave
* Modified from Bob Ray's plugin tutorial, Official Guide p. 492-3
* and Bob Ray's online explanation on create class:
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* @package = CreateXpdoClasses
* Create Xpdo Classes script
* This script creates xPDO-ready classes from existing custom
* database tables. It only needs to be run once.
* It assumes that your custom tables have been imported into
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* File viewRevoObjects.php (requires MODx Revolution 2.1)
* Created on: 9/17/11 at 9:49 AM
* Project shawn_wilkerson
* @elements
* @version 1.0
* @category
* @author W. Shawn Wilkerson
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<input id="tv{$tv->id}" name="tv{$tv->id}"
type="text" class="textfield"
<select id="tv{$tv->id}" name="tv{$tv->id}">
{foreach from=$tvitems item=item}
<option value="{$item.value}" {if $item.selected} selected="selected"{/if}>{$item.text}</option>
View 1. In the ExtJS form declaration.js
// Call the form with the unique xtype
items: [{
xtype: 'campermgmt-newcamper-form-brandscombo',
fieldLabel: 'Merknaam',
name: 'brand',
id: 'brand',
allowBlank: false,
vtype: 'alphanum'
View firstchildid.snippet.php
* FirstChildId
* Gets the first child id of the given id. Works as output filter.
* Example use: [[*id:FirstChildId]]
* @autor Bert Oost at <>
$id = (!empty($input)) ? $input : false;
View defaultTemplateByParentTv.plugin.php
* =========================
* defaultTemplateByParentTv
* =========================
* Plugin for modX Revolution
* Set default template for children of a ressource
* Author:
View getyears.snippet.php
* getYears
* List up years from a given start untill the current year or given end year.
* Example: [[!getYears? &tpl=`yourChunk` &startYear=`2000`]]
* Properties:
* tpl - (Req.) The name of the chunk to use for each year entry
* outerTpl - (Opt.) The name over the outer chunk. Use a [[+wrapper]] placeholder.
* outputSeparator - (Opt.) Separate the output with this contents. Defaults a newline
View chunk.html
<p>Hi there!</p>
<p>The resource [[+pagetitle]] (ID: [[+id]]) has been [[+mode]].</p>
<p>You can login to the manager at to review and if needed publish the resource.</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
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by Bruno17
Create placeholder from a snippet, for example wayfinder
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