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Created March 25, 2023 16:31
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to getUnsubscribeCommands(unsubscribeHeader)
set awk to " | awk 'NR>1{print $1}' RS='<' FS='>'"
set result to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of unsubscribeHeader & awk
return paragraphs of result
end getUnsubscribeCommands
to parseMailtoURL(mailtoURL)
set quot to quoted form of mailtoURL
set egrep to " | perl -nle 'print $& if /[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\\.[A-Za-z]{2,6}/'"
set recipient to do shell script "echo " & quot & egrep as string
set sed1 to " | perl -nle 'print $1 if /[&\\?]subject=([^?&]+)/'"
set subject to do shell script "echo " & quot & sed1 as string
set sed2 to " | perl -nle 'print $1 if /[&\\?]body=([^?&]+)/'"
set body to do shell script "echo " & quot & sed2 as string
return {rcp:recipient, sbj:subject, bdy:body}
end parseMailtoURL
to unsubscribeFrom(subscription, command)
set commandScheme to scheme of (command as URL)
if commandScheme is mail URL then
tell application "Mail"
set newMail to my parseMailtoURL(command)
set user to ((name of subscription's recipient) as string) & " <" & address of subscription's recipient & ">"
if sbj of newMail is "" then set sbj of newMail to " " -- Avoid "this message has no subject" alert
tell (make new outgoing message with properties {subject:sbj of newMail, sender:user, content:bdy of newMail})
make new to recipient with properties {address:rcp of newMail}
end tell
end tell
return true
else if commandScheme is in {secure http URL, http URL} then
do shell script "curl -LfS " & command
return true
on error e
log e as string
end try
end if
return false
end unsubscribeFrom
tell application "Mail"
set titles to {}
set subscriptions to messages of junk mailbox whose all headers contains "List-Unsubscribe"
repeat with mail in subscriptions
set end of titles to mail's sender & ": " & mail's subject & " " & mail's id
end repeat
set choices to choose from list titles with prompt "Select subscriptions." OK button name {"Unsubscribe"} cancel button name {"Cancel"} with multiple selections allowed
if choices is false then return
set dialogResult to display dialog "Do you also want to trash the selected mails?" buttons {"Yes", "No"}
set mustTrash to button returned of dialogResult is "Yes"
set succeeded to 0
set my progress total steps to length of choices
set my progress completed steps to 0
repeat with choice in choices
set subscription to (first message of junk mailbox whose id = last word of choice)
set unsubscribeHeader to content of subscription's header named "List-Unsubscribe"
set commands to my getUnsubscribeCommands(unsubscribeHeader)
set success to false
repeat with command in commands
set success to my unsubscribeFrom(subscription, command)
-- if success then exit repeat
end repeat
if success then
set succeeded to 1 + succeeded
if mustTrash then delete subscription
end if
set my progress completed steps to 1 + (my progress completed steps)
end repeat
display alert "Unsubscribed from " & succeeded & "/" & length of choices & " lists."
end tell
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