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Last active November 23, 2022 01:10
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Delete chunks from a large file
Given a large file BIG_FILE, delete all complete non-overlapping (and possibly large) chunks given by CHUNK_FILE_OR_FOLDER
While each chunk file is treated statelessly (AABABB-AB=AB), multiple chunk files are treated statefully (ACABDB-AB-CD=AB)
Multiple chunk files will be deleted from the largest to the smallest (and secondarily by chunk filename)
If OUT_FILE is omitted, will do a dryrun
import mmap
import os
import shutil
import sys
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print(__doc__, file=sys.stderr)
dryrun = len(sys.argv) < 4
if dryrun:
print('(DRYRUN)', file=sys.stderr)
if not dryrun and sys.argv[1] != sys.argv[3]:
shutil.copy(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[3])
if os.path.isdir(sys.argv[2]):
chunks = [os.path.join(sys.argv[2], chunk) for chunk in os.listdir(sys.argv[2])]
chunks = sorted(chunk for chunk in chunks if os.path.isfile(chunk))
chunks.sort(key=os.path.getsize, reverse=True)
chunks = [sys.argv[2]]
with open(sys.argv[1 if dryrun else 3], 'rb' if dryrun else 'r+b') as big_file,\
mmap.mmap(big_file.fileno(), 0, access=mmap.ACCESS_COPY if dryrun else mmap.ACCESS_WRITE) as big_map:
big_len = len(big_map)
for chunk in chunks:
with open(chunk, 'rb') as chunk_file, mmap.mmap(chunk_file.fileno(), 0, access=mmap.ACCESS_READ) as chunk_map:
chunk_len = len(chunk_map)
prev_start = big_len
i = 0
while big_len >= chunk_len:
start = big_map.rfind(chunk_map, 0, prev_start)
if start == -1:
i += 1
end = start + chunk_len
print(f'Deleting chunk {chunk} ({i}) at {start}:{end}{" (cont.)" * (end == prev_start)}', file=sys.stderr)
big_map.move(start, end, big_len - end)
prev_start = start
big_len -= chunk_len
if not dryrun:
if not i:
print(f'Chunk {chunk} not found', file=sys.stderr)
elif not dryrun:
if dryrun:
print('(DRYRUN)', file=sys.stderr)
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