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Created Feb 13, 2018
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OTRS 6 custom agent skin

OTRS 6 custom agent skin config file

  • Your files belong to var/httpd/htdocs/skins/Agent/YourSkinName/css & ../img
  • Your config file belongs to Kernel/Config/Files/XML/YourSkinName.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<otrs_config version="2.0" init="Application">
<Setting Name="AgentLogoCustom###YourSkinName" Required="0" Valid="1">
<Description Translatable="1">The logo shown in the header of the agent interface for the skin "YourSkinName". See "AgentLogo" for further description.</Description>
<Item Key="URL">skins/Agent/YourSkinName/img/logo_bg.png</Item>
<Item Key="StyleTop">21px</Item>
<Item Key="StyleRight">29px</Item>
<Item Key="StyleHeight">55px</Item>
<Item Key="StyleWidth">230px</Item>
<Setting Name="Loader::Agent::Skin###001-YourSkinName" Required="0" Valid="1">
<Description Translatable="1">YourSkinName description.</Description>
<Item Key="InternalName">YourSkinName</Item>
<Item Key="VisibleName" Translatable="1">Your skin name</Item>
<Item Key="Description" Translatable="1">YourSkinName description.</Item>
<Item Key="HomePage"></Item>
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