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Last active May 16, 2022
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Disable Skype ads: 1.) Add hosts to your hosts file 2.) Flush DNS resolver cache (ipconfig /flushdns)
# Block Skype ads * * *
# Keep "" if you want to see Skype Home (prepend # at line below)!
# PRO-TIP: Removing the adds does NOT remove the add placeholder side bar(s)!
# This can be removed by going to: %appdata%/skype/YOUR_USER_NAME/config.xml
# and set all Advert-related values to 0:
# <AdvertEastRailsEnabled>0</AdvertEastRailsEnabled>
# <AdvertLargeEastRailCutoff>0</AdvertLargeEastRailCutoff>
# <AdvertNorthRailCutoff>0</AdvertNorthRailCutoff>
# <AdvertPlaceholder>0</AdvertPlaceholder>
# <AdvertSmallEastRailCutoff>0</AdvertSmallEastRailCutoff>
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midoalbalwi commented Dec 11, 2015

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d-kr commented Dec 11, 2015

I'm not sure (please correct me if I'm wrong), but correctly setting the ip adress to instead of will prevent a connection even to localhost. At least on windows. On linux that ip stands for "ask anyone the web".

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oliverhausler commented Feb 2, 2016

@d-kr It depends on the context, not the OS. is an invalid IP address, but in the context of routing means any network. So I would guess would probably route to any interface, including the external ones. So it won't work. Haven't tested this, though.

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IPreferGitlab commented Feb 13, 2016

"" should not be blocked as this host provides the Skype Home. I unblocked it and I haven't seen any ad so far.

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LyraAidan commented Mar 1, 2016

This no longer works as of today - I'm getting ads with all of these host edits. Did MS add new ad sources?

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iceteabottle commented Mar 2, 2016

Just block "". I don't need Skype Home.

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IPreferGitlab commented Mar 27, 2016

Blocking seems to block every ads. The problem is that this domain also provides the Skype Home. I'm going to investigate in order to find new ad domains. But for the moment, we'll either have to face the ads or to remove the Skype Home.
EDIT: after like an hour of investigation, I found out that AdNexus was using many subdomains, and I also found out that wildcards such as * do not work in hosts files.
There is nothing more we can do. Either find a software that allows wildcards (eg blacklist *, or use PeerBlock with the "Ads" subscription list.

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czerwinski76 commented May 19, 2016

Keep "" if you want to see Skype Home !
This line is useless. Without, Skype is ad-free !!!

Thank you @eyecatchup !

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ADisgustingPerson commented Oct 10, 2016

Thank you! It worked. And cz*76, thx for the tip.

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joielechong commented Nov 9, 2016

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gucu112 commented Sep 27, 2017

👍 for ""

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lioobayoyo commented Jul 6, 2018

using only is enough to blocks all ads (but deactivate the skype home panel as well as a benign side-effect)

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mrdc commented Aug 1, 2018

Recently my Skype has stopped working after I've used hosts file to block ads. The problem is that my hosts file is custom: it includes many sources... So it's hard to find which one made Skype unusable. Any ideas where to find hosts I should whitelist to unblock Skype?

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