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Created Sep 9, 2011
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// controller
public ActionResult Show(int id)
var view = new ShowProfileQuery(id).Execute();
return View(view);
// before filter
// CurrentUser is property injected every request since the filter is a singleton
public class CanViewProfile : AuthorizationAttribute
public User CurrentUser { get; set; }
protected override bool Authorized(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
var id = idFromActionParameters(filterContext);
if (CurrentUser.IsAdmin)
return true;
if(CurrentUser.ProfileId == id)
return true;
return false;
private int idFromActionParameters(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
return (int)filterContext.ActionParameters.Single(ap => ap.Key == "id").Value;
// so the filter logic can be tested outside of the controller.
// but testing that the filter is applied to the action ... not possible in
// ASP.NET MVC outside of hitting the server
// so this class has two responsibilties
// 1) extracting the information from the filter context / request
// 2) performing authorization logic
// pretty clear place you can separate this ... if you weren't lazy like me
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