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Advanced hunting query to check on a few vital Defender AV health settings
// Check Defender AV related health issues
// Microsoft Defender Antivirus is disabled - scid-2010
// Microsoft Defender Antivirus definitions are outdated - scid-2011
// Microsoft Defender Antivirus real-time behavior monitoring is disabled - scid-91
// Microsoft Defender Antivirus real-time protection is disabled - scid-2012
// Microsoft Defender Antivirus cloud service connectivity is impaired - scid-2014
| where ConfigurationName contains "Defender"
| join kind=innerunique DeviceTvmSecureConfigurationAssessment on ConfigurationId
| where ConfigurationId in ("scid-2010","scid-2011","scid-2012","scid-91","scid-2014")
| where IsApplicable == 1 and IsCompliant != 1
| project ConfigurationName, DeviceName, OSPlatform ,ConfigurationId,ConfigurationImpact
| sort by ConfigurationImpact
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