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Last active Apr 26, 2017
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auth0 jwt go middleware example
func getUserFromRequest(r *http.Request) *model.User {
//Authorization: bearer {token}
//auth0 user is in user
jwtContext := context.Get(r, "user")
auth0Id := ((jwtContext.(*jwt.Token)).Claims).(jwt.MapClaims)["sub"]
user := model.GetUserFromAuthId(auth0Id.(string))
return user
func UserAuthorizationMiddleware(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc){
user := getUserFromRequest(r)
context.Set(r, "User", user)
next(rw, r)
func main() {
r := mux.NewRouter()
jwtMiddleware := jwtmiddleware.New(jwtmiddleware.Options{
ValidationKeyGetter: func(token *jwt.Token) (interface{}, error) {
secret := []byte(os.Getenv("AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET"))
if len(secret) == 0 {
log.Fatal("AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET is not set")
return secret, nil
SigningMethod: jwt.SigningMethodHS256,
r.Handle("/user", negroni.New(
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