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#Start tomcat
/Library/Tomcat/bin/ &>/dev/null &disown
#print message
printf "\n\nStarting apache tomcat\n"
#sleep for 5 seconds
sleep 5
#Check if tomcat has started (localhost:8080 should succeed)
View wp-api.class.php
class wordpress_pluing_information
// Variable to store plugin name
var $slug;
var $results;
function wordpress_pluing_information($aSlug)
// Set the pluignName of the new object to the argument
View getLinksFromTwitterText.php
* Takes a string argument, which may include URLs, twitter #links or twitter @links,
* imbeds html <a> tags into the string and returns it.
* @param [type] $string [description]
* @return [type] $string [description]
function getLinksFromTwitterText($string)