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@f3nry f3nry/main.go
Created Feb 1, 2019

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Third Attempt: Length-prefix Construction
const (
payloadLen = 1
sizeLen = 4
headerLen = payloadLen + sizeLen
func msgHeader(data []byte) (hdr []byte, payload []byte) {
hdr = make([]byte, headerLen)
hdr[0] = byte(uint8(0))
// Write length of payload into buf
binary.BigEndian.PutUint32(hdr[payloadLen:], uint32(len(data)))
return hdr, data
func handler(request events.APIGatewayProxyRequest) (events.APIGatewayProxyResponse, error) {
message := &api.AliveResponse{Message: "Hello, world."}
b, err := proto.Marshal(message)
if err != nil {
return events.APIGatewayProxyResponse{
StatusCode: 500,
}, err
hdr, data := msgHeader(b)
hdr = append(hdr, data...)
return events.APIGatewayProxyResponse{
Body: base64.StdEncoding.EncodeToString(hdr),
Headers: map[string]string{
"Content-Type": "application/grpc+proto",
"grpc-status": "0",
IsBase64Encoded: true,
StatusCode: 200,
}, nil
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