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Last active Dec 14, 2015

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Seemingly buggy behavior with PySCXML: the second event "f" is not received in most executions
import time
from scxml.pyscxml import StateMachine
import logging
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.NOTSET) # show detailed debug info
xml = '''
<scxml xmlns="" version="1.0" datamodel="python" initial="S1">
<state id="S1">
<log expr="'hello S1'"/>
<transition event="s2" target="S2">
<log expr="'transition s2 from S1 to S2'" />
<log expr="'bye S1'"/>
<state id="S2">
<log expr="'hello S2'"/>
<transition event="f" target="F">
<log expr="'transition f from S2 to F'" />
<log expr="'bye S2'"/>
<final id="F">
<log expr="'hello F'"/>
sm = StateMachine(xml)
#time.sleep(1) #problem does not occur when sleeping in between
sm.send("f") #event is ignored in most executions, statemachine stays in state S2
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