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Organizing a Hackathon in Paris

elementary Hackfest in Paris

Timeframe will be the 2nd to 4th of Septembre as that seems to be the time most of us europeans that want to come actully have the time for it.


We currently have Fabian Thoma, Lewis Goddard, Corentin Noel, Florian Angermeier, Andrei, Pierre van Mart, emersion and xapantu on our list of attendees. That makes 8 People. I Asked for confirmation again and so far we got:

  • Fabian Thoma
  • Corentin Noel
  • Lewis Goddard
  • Andrei Zisu
  • emersion
  • xapantu


We’ve decided that Paris would be a nice central Location where we could do this meetup. Tintou is from the Paris area and offered to help us out a bit there. We need to get a location now, there are a few Options we could go with:

So the location we booked is this:

Costs are €572 and I (Fabian) already payed that.

How do we get there?

Because we don’t all live near Paris 😛 some of us will have to travel, let’s look at these expenses:

NameTravel MethodCostArrival
Fabian ThomaTrain196€11:40
Lewis GoddardPlane & Train150€09:30

How do we all get around Paris?

I Guess the guys living in Paris should be able to figure this out te easiest. Probably Group tickets or something like that could work.

What should we focus work on?

This is an open suggestion list, so add or suggest as you please.

  • Houston & AppCenter
  • Notifications
  • Mail: Migration to EDS
  • Pantheon Online Accounts
  • Developer Engagement / Developer Tools / Documentation
  • Browser based on Chromiums Framework
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matzipan commented Jun 20, 2016

Request to book

Instant book

I'll probably be coming a few days early to see Paris, if anybody else wants to join, Corentin said he might be around too. I'm flying from Berlin, and straight to Bucharest afterwards.

I'd also suggest a hack idea that of using Chromium Embedded Framework 3 and build a wrapper around it.

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matzipan commented Jul 19, 2016

Flight from Berlin to Paris: 40€

My project ideas:

  • fix or clean-up long-standing launchpad bugs
  • look through old merge requests and try, reimplement them and get them merged
  • make a list of 5 nice to haves
  • better sidebar for Scratch
  • git plugin for Scratch and Files
  • command pallete for Scratch (like Atom's CMD+P)
  • keybase integration in envoyer
  • improve the visuals of the pantheon-files transfer-popover-with-pie-progress branch
  • more informative date & time indicator (a lot of duplicate information and could be nice to make calendar entries more proeminent and add weather information and personal-assistant type information, etc)
  • libinput gestures support to gala, files or slingshot

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cm-t commented Aug 5, 2016


Je suis Rudy, un des animateurs du projet "le ubuntu podcast" d'ubuntu-fr. Je souhaiterai me joindre à vous lors de cet événement afin de réaliser un petit reportage sur comment se passe un hackathon de projet de logiciel libre, et en profiter pour présenter ElementaryOS à notre audience.

Je souhaiterai respecter le choix de chacun-e, aussi si quelqu'un émet le souhait sur place de ne pas figurer sur la pédicule (enfin, la carte SD), il en sera ainsi (ou à défaut, coupé au montage). Je n'aurai pas de frais de transport, et je peux ramener des croissants :)

Suis-je au bon endroit pour vous en parler ?


My name is Rudy, I am one of the crew from "le ubuntu podcast". I wish I could join you during this event to make a podcast about it, how/what is a hackathon in free software, and also, make a presentation of ElementaryOS.

Ill respect the choice of everybody regarding their wish to be or not visible on the image, and if ever I shot them (can happend), it will be of course cuted from the final rendering. I can bring some croissants :)

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lewisgoddard commented Aug 11, 2016

Total: £128.23 OR ~150€

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fabianthoma commented Aug 13, 2016

Hey there,
I'm not sure if we really want that kind of visitors there. We're mostly gathering in one place to work on stuff. But I think you're more than welcome to come there, hang out with us and get a little interview.
Tell what you think about that.

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orangemango commented Aug 22, 2016


I am a Python developer, I know Vala is the official and only language for Elementary projects but I already done few small (unreleased) projects to increase my daily user experience on Elementary OS. And it will be a great opportunity for me to invest time on publishing my projects, for the first time.
So just tell me if I am on the mood to join you guys for this eOS hackfest :)
Also if my Python dev ability isn't what your are looking for, I know a bit about cooking and it will be a pleasure to organize a meal for a crew of Elementary contributors.

Love from Paris

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fabianthoma commented Aug 23, 2016

Hey @orangemango,
I'm not sure that fully fits the things we are trying to get accomplished, but since the AppCenter developer and some desktop devs are there, you surely could come visit for a day or something like that. We might also be able to use you as a guinnea pig for some new stuff 😉 .Could you please get back to me via email ( for details? Since I think communicating on gists is unreliable because it does not notify you.

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cm-t commented Aug 24, 2016

👍 Yes, that was what I had in mind, come and join you for something like an ~hour, acting like if I was not there to have some footage of your team while working, optionnaly another during a break (if you even take a break!) and a little interview.

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fabianthoma commented Aug 29, 2016

@cm-t: please also contact me via email at so we can chat without having to always go back to this gist to check for replies ;)

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