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Fabien Castan fabiencastan

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In general, check the host_config.h file to find out which versions are supported. Sometimes it is possible to hack the requirements there to get some newer versions working, too :)

Thrust version can be found in $CUDA_ROOT/include/thrust/version.h.

Release notes for CUDA >= 5.5 are stored under


Latest, officical Compiler requirements:

fabiencastan / test_qmlStateBindingWithDrag.qml
Last active Dec 10, 2015
Simple example to show how to move an object with a drag target on a MouseArea without breaking the model link for (x, y) values. The solution is States. I use StateGroups because it's a good pratice to use StateGroups instead of the default state when creating a reusable component. There is no specific reason for this example.
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import QtQuick 1.1
Rectangle {
id: mainWindowId
implicitWidth: 500
implicitHeight: 500
anchors.fill: parent
color: "black"