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Example bunch file that I use to prepare classes (file names are in Portuguese)
# Comments start with a hash symbol, blank lines are ignored
# Use @@ to hide all visible apps. Usually used at the top of the file
# before launching the rest of the bunch
# Include a line starting with a dash to open specific
# files in the app
# If the first file listed is "XX", all open windows
# for the app will be closed first
# Please check which is your MindNode folder and replace below
# Draq the folder into the Terminal and issue `pwd`to find out the current directory
- ~/Library/Mobile Documents/<MindNode Folder>/Documents/Aulas ST1GEE1/Geração de Energia I.mindnode
- ~/OneDrive/Udesc 2020-1 ST1GEE1/ST1GEE1 Aula 1.key
- /Users/fabiofortkamp/OneDrive/Udesc 2020-1 ST1GEE1/
- ~/OneDrive/Udesc 2020-1 ST1GEE1/
- <PDF files to open, one per line>
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