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public class SquigglyAutoconfigure {
public FilterRegistrationBean squigglyRequestFilter(ObjectMapper objectMapper) {
Squiggly.init(objectMapper, new RequestSquigglyContextProvider());
FilterRegistrationBean<SquigglyRequestFilter> filter = new FilterRegistrationBean<>();
filter.setFilter(new SquigglyRequestFilter());
return filter;

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@bohnman bohnman commented Oct 3, 2018

Thanks! Actually, Squiggly 2 will have a spring boot starter to reduce the configuration you have to write. I'm not sure when version 2 will be released, it is a major overhaul, and I've been really bad at estimating when it will be finished.


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@awestwell awestwell commented Jun 11, 2020

Good Day

Are you still planning on releasing version 2? I would be willing to help with the project.


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