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MLSEC 2021 Model Definition
# This is only a code snippet extracted from
class NeedForSpeedModel():
# numerical attributes
'virtual_size', 'has_debug', 'imports', 'exports', 'has_relocations',
'has_resources', 'has_signature', 'has_tls', 'symbols', 'timestamp',
'numberof_sections', 'major_image_version', 'minor_image_version',
'major_linker_version', 'minor_linker_version', 'major_operating_system_version',
'minor_operating_system_version', 'major_subsystem_version',
'minor_subsystem_version', 'sizeof_code', 'sizeof_headers', 'sizeof_heap_commit'
# categorical attributes
'machine', 'magic'
# textual attributes
TEXTUAL_ATTRIBUTES = ['libraries', 'functions', 'exports_list',
'dll_characteristics_list', 'characteristics_list']
# label
LABEL = "label"
# initialize NFS classifier
def __init__(self,
categorical_extractor = OneHotEncoder(handle_unknown="ignore"),
textual_extractor = HashingVectorizer(n_features=50000, token_pattern=r"(?<=\s)(.*?)(?=\s)"),
feature_scaler = MaxAbsScaler(),
classifier = RandomForestClassifier()):
self.base_categorical_extractor = categorical_extractor
self.base_textual_extractor = textual_extractor
self.base_feature_scaler = feature_scaler
self.base_classifier = classifier
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