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public static async Task<object> OrchestratesVideoProcessing([OrchestrationTrigger] DurableOrchestrationContext context, TraceWriter log)
HttpResponseMessage httpResponse = new HttpResponseMessage();
// Holding the video location through the context
var videoDto = context.GetInput<VideoAMS>();
InitialSetupResult resultInitialSetup;
AMSVideo amsVideoPublished;
string resultEncoding, resultPublishing, resultInsights;
// Call activity 1: Calling activity function which uploads the video into AMS storage, creates Asset and Locator
if (!context.IsReplaying)
log.Info("Starting initial setup...");
resultInitialSetup = await context.CallActivityAsync<InitialSetupResult>("A_InitialSetupGenerator", videoDto);
// Call activity 2: Calling activity function which asynchronously creates an encoding job
if (!context.IsReplaying)
log.Info("Starting the encoding job...");
resultEncoding = await context.CallActivityAsync<string>("A_JobEncodingGenerator", resultInitialSetup);
// Call activity 3: Calling activity function which publishes the encoded asset
if (!context.IsReplaying)
log.Info("Publishing the encoded package...");
resultPublishing = await context.CallActivityAsync<string>("A_PublishesEncodedAsset", resultEncoding);
if (!context.IsReplaying)
log.Info("Extracting insights...");
amsVideoPublished = new AMSVideo { Asset = resultInitialSetup.Asset, Locator = resultInitialSetup.Locator, Video = resultInitialSetup.Video, StreamingURL = resultPublishing };
resultInsights = await context.CallActivityAsync<string>("A_InsightsGenerator", amsVideoPublished);
// Finishes the flow by returning the info object
return new
_Asset = resultInitialSetup.Asset,
_Locator = resultInitialSetup.Locator,
_Video = videoDto,
_URLStreaming = resultPublishing
catch (Exception ex)
return httpResponse.RequestMessage.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError, $"It wasn't possible to go through the flow. \n {ex.StackTrace}");
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