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public static async Task<string> PublishesEncodedAsset([ActivityTrigger] string resultEncoding, TraceWriter log)
// Step 1: Create the context
AzureAdTokenCredentials tokenCredentials = new AzureAdTokenCredentials(_tenantDomain, new AzureAdClientSymmetricKey(_clientId, _clientSecret), AzureEnvironments.AzureCloudEnvironment);
var tokenProvider = new AzureAdTokenProvider(tokenCredentials);
_context = new CloudMediaContext(new Uri(_restApiUrl), tokenProvider);
string streamingUrl;
// Step 2: Builds the streaming url for the encoded and published asset
log.Info("Publishing the asset and building up the streaming url...");
streamingUrl = MediaServices.PublishAndBuildStreamingURLs(resultEncoding, _context); ;
log.Info("Done. Asset published.");
log.Info($"Public URL: {streamingUrl}");
catch (Exception)
return string.Empty;
return streamingUrl;
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