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Installing RAD SQL Profiler in WebSphere Commerce Developer 7

Original Instructions


  1. Modify the deployment XML file to change data source implementation class:

  2. Change the implementation class name:

    <resources.jdbc:JDBCProvider description="Oracle JDBC Driver" 
     name="Oracle JDBC Driver" xmi:id="JDBCProvider_1123801737693">
  3. With the wrapper class name:

    <resources.jdbc:JDBCProvider description="Oracle JDBC Driver"
     name="Oracle JDBC Driver" xmi:id="JDBCProvider_1123801737693">
  4. Place the JAR file at this location instead:

  5. Make sure the JDBC profiler server is up and running

    $ grep -i "jdbc profiler" ${WCDE_HOME}\wasprofile\logs\server1\trace.log
    [9/18/12 11:37:04:291 PDT] 00000014 JdbcProfilerD I   Jdbc Profiler listening to socket 26000
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faisalkhalique commented Dec 15, 2018

For RAD 9.5, I had to do the following steps:-

  1. Install the plugin 'Eclipse 2.0 Style Plugin Support" from the Eclipse update site at (other higher versions didn't work for me)
  2. In the eclipse.ini file, remove the vm argument "Dosgi.framework.extensions=org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.nashorn.extension" if available. When having this argument, the SQL profiler plugin installation kept on failing
  3. Copy the jdbcProfiler.jar to <WAS_INSTALL_DIR>/lib/ext (for example my local path was D:\ibm\websphere\appserver\lib\ext


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