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Last active Oct 15, 2021
Watch a directory using bash and inotifywait
# Usage
# Call the script with the directory you want to watch as an argument. e.g.:
# /app/foo/
# Description:
# Uses inotifywait to look for new files in a directory and process them:
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Last year, I spent months redesigning our product, Click & Speak – an online training for people learning English.

The goal was to make the new design feel more modern, more colorful, and more alive thanks to animations. The goal was also to make the new design perfectly responsive (not just "working.") Our best users use our training 1 to 3 hours a day, and getting both desktop and mobile right was critical.

Learning design

The main resource guiding the redesign was Refactoring UI by @steveschoger and @adamwathan. It's a great book, super practical. I'd read a few classics about design before, but this one really answered practical questions I had, rather than theoretical ones. I picked up a lot of tips & tricks and I feel I have a better eye for design now. I must have read the book like five times now and know I'll get back to it!

I also spent a lot of time