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Symbolicate iOS crash manually

Step 1: Use the following command in Terminal to find the dSYM on your Mac which build the app

mdfind "com_apple_xcode_dsym_uuids == 12345678-90AB-CDEF-1234-567890ABCDEF"

The string "12345678-90AB-CDEF-1234-567890ABCDEF" is the UUID string from the crash report reformatted to uppercase and 8-4-4-4-12 groups.

Step 2: Symobolicate Crash Report. Excute the following line before symbolicating

export DEVELOPER_DIR=/Applications/

Step3: Place your .crash, .app, and .dSYM files in the same directory and run:

/path/symbolicatecrash /path/mycrash.crash /path/ > symbolicatedcrash.crash

The path of symbolicatecrash tool in Xcode 9.1 is: /Applications/, you can check that according to your Xcode version.

TestFlight & Appstore:

If you has enabled Bitcode when you export the ipa via Xcode, the binary will be re-compiled by Apple and create new dSYM for it. You can download the new dSYM file from iTunes Connect or Xcode->Window->Organizer, about this you can refer to this All about Missing dSYMs.

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