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fahrstuhl / XP-PEN Artist 13.3 Pen and Button Descriptor.txt
Created June 17, 2019 19:16
Decoded USB descriptor of XP-PEN Artist 13.3 graphics tablet.
0x05, 0x0D, // Usage Page (Digitizer)
0x09, 0x02, // Usage (Pen)
0xA1, 0x01, // Collection (Application)
0x85, 0x07, // Report ID (7)
0x09, 0x20, // Usage (Stylus)
0xA1, 0x00, // Collection (Physical)
0x09, 0x42, // Usage (Tip Switch)
0x09, 0x44, // Usage (Barrel Switch)
0x09, 0x45, // Usage (Eraser) <---- This is the second barrel button. Eraser seems wrong. Linux maps it to the same button as the Tip Switch.
0x15, 0x00, // Logical Minimum (0)
fahrstuhl / virtualhere.service
Last active May 1, 2019 11:41
A systemd service file for the virtualhere service on TPCast devices working with OpenTPCast. The service automatically restarts if it crashes.
Description=VirtualHere USB Sharing
ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c 'logger VirtualHere settling...;sleep 1s;logger VirtualHere settled'
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/vhusbdtpcast -c /root/config.ini # Don't use -b (
fahrstuhl /
Last active May 27, 2021 04:26
Renaming i3 workspaces with while keeping the <number>: <letter> prefix for keyboard navigation.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# - Renaming i3 workspaces with while keeping the <number>: <letter> prefix for keyboard navigation.
# Written in 2017 by Fahrstuhl
# To the extent possible under law, the author(s) have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty.
# You should have received a copy of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication along with this software. If not, see <>.
import i3ipc