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Created November 15, 2021 14:37
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export interface VannaWebhookRequestEventBody {
  VANNA_SECRET: string
  event_type: string
  payload: Payload
  sent_at: string

export interface Payload {
  source: string
  expected_on: string
  deleted_at: any
  is_fine_applied: boolean
  month: number
  amount: number
  year: number
  created_by: string
  id: string
  shorten_url_hash: string
  customer_id: string
  payment_method: string
  redirect_url: any
  canceled_at: any
  charge_preset_id: any
  status: string
  inserted_at: string
  fine_total_amount: number
  installments: any
  items: Item[]
  transaction_cost: number
  dynamic_charge_id: any
  date: string
  description: string
  refunded_at: any
  metadata: { wallet: string; txnHash: string | null } | null
  interests_total_amount: number
  has_installments: boolean
  paid_at: string
  day: number
  recurrent_charge_id: any
  updated_at: string
  friendly_id: string

export interface Item {
  discount_amount: number
  freight_amount: number
  id: string
  insurance_amount: number
  item_id: string
  name: string
  others_amount: number
  price: number
  quantity: number
  type: string
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