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  • Posadas, Misiones, Argentina
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fakuivan /
Created Feb 11, 2020
jq based bash script used to configure zerotier's rule engine via the controller API
#!/usr/bin/env bash
run_on_ztncui () {
(source ~/containers/ && ztncui-compose exec -T ztncui bash -c "$1"); return $?
NETWORKS="$(run_on_ztncui 'curl -s -X GET --header "X-ZT1-Auth: $ZT_TOKEN" "$ZT_ADDR"/controller/network')"
for rules_file in ./rules/*.ztrules; do
nwid="$(python3 -c "import pathlib, sys; print(pathlib.Path(sys.argv[1]).stem)" "$rules_file")" &&
fakuivan /
Last active Oct 11, 2019
Simple CSV parser function and example plotter program compatible with _some_ RIGOL oscilloscopes
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from oscilloscope import parse_csv_export, ParsedCSV
import argparse
from io import TextIOWrapper
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Example plotter")
parser.add_argument("infile", type=argparse.FileType('r'))
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Returns an eval-safe representation of the bash function that when evaluated prints its name,
# useful when redefining functions
function_copy_rnd () {
local rand_prefix="$(head /dev/urandom | tr -dc A-Za-z | head -c 8)_"
local name="$1"
local decl;
decl="$(declare -f "$name")" || return $?
echo "${rand_prefix}${decl}; echo $(printf "%q" "${rand_prefix}${name}")"
fakuivan / dishonored2_internal-swap-licenses.ct
Last active Aug 1, 2019
Swaps licenses for the dev version of dishonored 2
View dishonored2_internal-swap-licenses.ct
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CheatTable CheatEngineTableVersion="27">
<Description>"Havok license bypasses"</Description>
<LastState Value="" RealAddress="00000000"/>
View recursive.cpp
#include <iostream>
int factorial(int);
int fibonacci(int);
int sum_of_terms(int);
int main() {
int n;
std::cout << "n: ";
std::cin >> n;
fakuivan /
Last active Sep 29, 2019
HP Prime CAS "programs" I made to solve multivariable calculus, statistics and physics 2 exercises


These are scripts I use to serialize some of the practice exercises we get on multivariable calculus, statistics and physics 2 class, they are not meant to be easy to understand or a tutorial on how to write CAS programs on the HP Prime graphing calculator but rather a set of solutions I was able to come up with, for some a valuable resource nonetheless.

Calculus 2

Multivariable Taylor series

View changes.patch
diff --git a/Cameras/Dishonored2/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/GameConstants.h b/Cameras/Dishonored2/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/GameConstants.h
index bc8e206..b44950a 100644
--- a/Cameras/Dishonored2/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/GameConstants.h
+++ b/Cameras/Dishonored2/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/GameConstants.h
@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
namespace IGCS::GameSpecific
// Mandatory constants to define for a game
- #define GAME_NAME "Dishonored 2, v1.77+"
- #define CAMERA_VERSION "1.0.0"
fakuivan / dishonored2_cvars.txt
Last active Apr 1, 2019
All cvars for Dishonored 2 as of version ````, in the format: <cvar struct address> | <cvar name> = <cvar default value> | <cvar int value address> -> <current int value>\n<cvar description>
View dishonored2_cvars.txt
Dishonored2.exe+3BFC7F0 | aas_subdivisionSize = 64 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFC818 -> 64
the size of subdivisions to use for debug drawing
Dishonored2.exe+340CC20 | achievements_Verbose = 0 | Dishonored2.exe+340CC48 -> 0
debug spam for achievements
Dishonored2.exe+3BFA570 | ai_debugCam = 0 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFA598 -> 0
enable debug camera
Dishonored2.exe+3BFA470 | ai_debugScript = -1 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFA498 -> 4294967295
fakuivan / command_extract_rip_relative_address.lua
Created Jan 11, 2019
Cheat engine lua script that creates an auto assembler command used to extract and make absolute a RIP-relative address in an instruction
View command_extract_rip_relative_address.lua
-- Reads a RIP-relative address from an instruction
-- All parameters should be integers
function extractRIPRelativeAddress(address, offset, offset_size)
address = getAddressSafe(address)
if address == nil then return nil end
local instruction_size = getInstructionSize(address)
if instruction_size == nil then return nil end
readOffset = ({
[1] = function(address_) return readBytes(address_, 1, false) end,
fakuivan / struct_tree_walker.lua
Last active Jan 9, 2019
Use Cheat Engine's LUA engine to walk a struct to find offsets that match a given value and recursively walk potential structure pointers found within
View struct_tree_walker.lua
function scanTree(address, maxOffset, comparator, structValidator, maxDepth)
local offsetTree = {}
address = getAddress(address)
for currentOffset = 0, maxOffset, 1 do
local currentAddress = address + currentOffset
if comparator(currentAddress) then
offsetTree[currentOffset] = true
if maxDepth > 0 then
local nextNode = readPointer(currentAddress)
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