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Created Oct 23, 2012
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Interactive wrapper for watching stream TV from using cvlc player.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Bassed on
# Topmenu and the submenus are based of the example found at this location
# The rest of the work was done by Matthew Bennett and he requests you keep these two mentions when you reuse the code :-)
# Basic code refactoring by Andrew Scheller
import os
import sys
import re
import time
import requests
import curses # curses is the interface for capturing key presses on the menu, os launches the files
screen = curses.initscr() # initializes a new window for capturing key presses
curses.noecho() # Disables automatic echoing of key presses (prevents program from input each key twice)
curses.cbreak() # Disables line buffering (runs each key as it is pressed rather than waiting for the return key to pressed)
curses.start_color() # Lets you use colors when highlighting selected menu option
screen.keypad(1) # Capture input from keypad
curses.curs_set(0) # Hide cursor
# Change this to use different colors when highlighting
curses.init_pair(1, curses.COLOR_BLACK, curses.COLOR_WHITE) # Sets up color pair #1, it does black text with white background
h = curses.color_pair(1) # h is the coloring for a highlighted menu option
n = curses.A_NORMAL # n is the coloring for a non highlighted menu option
MENU = "menu"
COMMAND = "command"
menu_data = {
'title': "Jampo TV Guide", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a section...",
'options': [
{'title': "Ukrainian channels", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "1+1", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': '1plus1'},
{'title': "2+2", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': '22'},
{'title': "ICTV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ictv'},
{'title': "K1", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'k1'},
{'title': "QTV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'qtv'},
{'title': "Inter", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'inter'},
{'title': "Mega", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'mega'},
{'title': "More ...", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': 'More Ukrainian channels...',
'options': [
{'title': "Novyi Kanal", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'novyi'},
{'title': "HTH", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ntn'},
{'title': "Pershiy Avtomobilniy", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': '1auto'},
{'title': "UT-1", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ut1'},
{'title': "STB", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'stb'},
{'title': "TET", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'tet'},
{'title': "STB", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'stb'},
{'title': "TRC Ukraine", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ukraine'},
{'title': "Russian channels", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "HTB", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ntv'},
{'title': "Perets TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'perec'},
{'title': "Perviy kanal ORT", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ort'},
{'title': "Ren-TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ren-tv'},
{'title': "TV-3", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'tv3'},
{'title': "Sport", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "Eurosport", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'eurosport'},
{'title': "Russia 2", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'russia2'},
{'title': "Football", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'football'},
{'title': "Entertainment", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "2x2", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': '2x2'},
{'title': "CTC", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'sts'},
{'title': "THT", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'tnt'},
{'title': "Educational", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "Animal Planet", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'animalplanet'},
{'title': "Discovery", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'discovery'},
{'title': "National Geographic Russia", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ngrus'},
{'title': "News", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "5 kanal", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': '5tv'},
{'title': "Euronews Ukraine", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'euronews-ukr'},
{'title': "Russia 1", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'russia1'},
{'title': "Music", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "A-ONE", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'a-one'},
{'title': "M1", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'm1'},
{'title': "M2", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'm2'},
{'title': "MTV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'mtv'},
{'title': "MTV Live HD", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'mtvlivehd'},
{'title': "MTV Ukraine", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'mtvua'},
{'title': "MusicBox Russia", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'musicboxru'},
{'title': "More ...", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': 'More Music channels...',
'options': [
{'title': "O-TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'otv'},
{'title': "RU TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'rutv'},
{'title': "MuzTV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'muztv'},
{'title': "More ...", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "Fashion", 'type': MENU, 'subtitle': "Please selection a channel...",
'options': [
{'title': "Fashion One", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'fasion-one'},
{'title': "Fashion TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'ftv'},
{'title': "Style TV", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'styletv'},
{'title': "World Fasion", 'type': COMMAND, 'command': 'wf'},
# This function displays the appropriate menu and returns the option selected
def runmenu(menu, parent):
# work out what text to display as the last menu option
if parent is None:
lastoption = "Exit"
lastoption = "Return to %s menu" % parent['title']
optioncount = len(menu['options']) # how many options in this menu
pos = 0 # pos is the zero-based index of the hightlighted menu option. Every time runmenu is called, position returns to 0, when runmenu ends the position is returned and tells the program what option has been selected
oldpos = None # used to prevent the screen being redrawn every time
x = None # control for while loop, let's you scroll through options until return key is pressed then returns pos to program
# Loop until return key is pressed
while x != ord('\n'):
if pos != oldpos:
oldpos = pos
screen.clear() # clears previous screen on key press and updates display based on pos
screen.addstr(2, 2, menu['title'], curses.A_STANDOUT) # Title for this menu
screen.addstr(4, 2, menu['subtitle'], curses.A_BOLD) # Subtitle for this menu
# Display all the menu items, showing the 'pos' item highlighted
for index in range(optioncount):
textstyle = n
if pos == index:
textstyle = h
screen.addstr(5 + index, 4, "%d - %s" % (index + 1, menu['options'][index]['title']), textstyle)
# Now display Exit/Return at bottom of menu
textstyle = n
if pos == optioncount:
textstyle = h
screen.addstr(5 + optioncount, 4, "%d - %s" % (optioncount + 1, lastoption), textstyle)
screen.addstr(7 + optioncount, 1, '')
# finished updating screen
x = screen.getch() # Gets user input
# What is user input?
if x >= ord('1') and x <= ord(str(optioncount + 1)):
pos = x - ord('0') - 1 # convert keypress back to a number, then subtract 1 to get index
elif x == 258: # down arrow
if pos < optioncount:
pos += 1
pos = 0
elif x == 259: # up arrow
if pos > 0:
pos += -1
pos = optioncount
elif x != ord('\n'):
# return index of the selected item
return pos
def get_site_page(target_url):
for i in range(10):
site = requests.get(target_url)
except requests.ConnectionError as e:
print 'ERROR: ', e
if site.status_code != 200:
print 'ERROR: Site "{0}" returns status code: {1}'.format(target_url, site.status_code)
if site.url != target_url:
print 'ERROR: Site URL does not match URL for the requested channel.'
return site.text
def get_stream(channel_name, player='cvlc'):
if channel_name == 'a-one':
cmd_line = '{player}'.format(player=player)
return 2
base_url = ''
channel_url = base_url + '/play/channel/{0}/'.format(channel_name)
page = get_site_page(channel_url)
session_key ='\'rtmp\.session\'\:\s\'(.*?)\'', page).group(1)
flash_player ='flashplayer\:\s\"(.*?)\"', page).group(1)
name ='file\:\s\'(.*?)\'', page).group(1)
streamer ='streamer\:\s\'(.*?)\'', page).group(1)
flash_player_url = base_url + flash_player
cmd_line = 'rtmpdump -r {streamer} -W {flashplayer} -a stream/ -p {channel_url} -C S:{rtmp_session} -y {channel} | {player} -'\
.format(streamer=streamer, flashplayer=flash_player_url, channel_url=channel_url,
rtmp_session=session_key, channel=name, player=player)
# This function calls showmenu and then acts on the selected item
def processmenu(menu, parent=None):
optioncount = len(menu['options'])
exitmenu = False
while not exitmenu: # Loop until the user exits the menu
getin = runmenu(menu, parent)
if getin == optioncount:
exitmenu = True
elif menu['options'][getin]['type'] == COMMAND:
elif menu['options'][getin]['type'] == MENU:
processmenu(menu['options'][getin], menu) # display the submenu
# Main program
except KeyboardInterrupt:
curses.endwin() # VITAL! This closes out the menu system and returns you to the bash prompt.
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