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Turn Sendfile to "off" for vagrant boxes
# A VirtualBox bug forces vagrant to serve
# corrupt files via Apache or nginx
# The solution to that would be to turn off
# the SendFile option in apache or nginx
# If you use apache as your main web server
# add this directive in your httpd.conf (or apache.conf)
# configuration file name may vary in various systems
EnableSendfile off
# If you use nginx as your main web server
# add this directive in your nginx.conf
sendfile off

Thank you mate. This fix a issue with css file.

Thanks a lot 👍


DeRain commented Aug 3, 2016

Thank you!

If sendfile is on, it may causes css or js files cached. I had encountered a problem that even thought I disable cache on chrome, css files were still cached. Turn sendfile to "off" solves this problem.

I think there may be a continuing error with this. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04, Vagrant 1.9.7 and VirtualBox, and no amount of setting sendfile off in nginx has any effect

This helped me get stuff working with Docker Toolbox - thanks a ton!

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