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Created Jul 27, 2018
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Visualization of monty hall problem
from random import randrange
from matplotlib import use
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
class MontyHallproblem:
def __init__(self, fname, tryN):
self.fname = fname
self.tryN = tryN
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __change(self, player, m):
for i in range(0, 3):
if i != player and i != m:
return i
def __monty(self, prize, player):
if prize == player:
if player & 1:
return randrange(0, 3, 2)
return randrange(1, 3) if not player else randrange(0, 2)
return self.__change(prize, player)
def __game(self):
prize = randrange(3)
player = randrange(3)
return player == prize, self.__change(player, self.__monty(
prize, player)) == prize
def config(self):
ax = plt.figure().add_subplot(1, 1, 1)
ax.set_title('Monty Hall problem')
x = range(self.tryN)
changed, not_changed = 0, 0
changed_result, not_changed_result = [], []
for _ in x:
t1, t2 = self.__game()
not_changed += t1
changed += t2
ax.set_xlabel('Number of trials')
ax.set_ylabel('Number of times the prize door was selected')
ax.plot(x, changed_result, label='Choose C')
ax.plot(x, not_changed_result, label='Choose A')
plt.legend(loc='lower right')
def __exit__(self, exception_type, exception_value, traceback):
plt.savefig(self.fname, antialiased=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
with MontyHallproblem('montyhalll.png', 1000) as m:
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