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Last active July 18, 2017 22:35
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How to use latest Alloy with appc CLI

If you want to use latest alloy with appc CLI command:

  1. Update Alloy: [sudo] npm install -g alloy

  2. Create file in your project <project root>/plugins/global.alloy/1.0/hooks/global_alloy_hook.js with content:

exports.init = function (logger, config, cli, appc) {
	delete process.env.ALLOY_PATH;
  1. add plugin to the tiapp.xml plugins section:
	<plugin version="1.0">ti.alloy</plugin>        
	<plugin version="1.0">global.alloy</plugin>
  1. Recompile project

  2. Enjoy

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FokkeZB commented May 24, 2016

Be aware that this does not work with LiveView enabled. In that case the AppC CLI bundled Alloy version will still be used.

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