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falloutphil /
Last active Dec 28, 2021
Some ideas about how to efficiently read a file of numbers in scheme a la AoC

To test we create a file much larger than we’d read in with a typical AoC question - let’s mimic day 11 of 2021 (also valid for day 09 too) available here.

shuf -i 1000000000-9999999999 -n 10000000 -o big_test.txt

With a file this big, my original solution runs out of memory due to garbage collection issues. The problem here was misunderstanding eager comprehensions - the nested map should be part of the list comprehension itself not applied afterwards!

A good link about comprehensions in Scheme for reference.

falloutphil / 99-noto-mono-color-emoji.conf
Last active Jun 12, 2020 — forked from IgnoredAmbience/99-noto-mono-color-emoji.conf
Noto Emoji Color fontconfig for Konsole
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
Noto Mono + Color Emoji Font Configuration for KDE/Konsole
Konsole/KDE apps use QT rather than the GTK emoji setup. So standard Ubuntu setup doesn't seem to work.
If you want the Snake emoji in your Python venv Powerline then see below!
falloutphil / bindings.txt
Created Jan 11, 2020
Konsole Key Bindings for Emacs Terminal
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To get windmove to work and stuff like this:
Settings -> Edit Current Profile -> Keyboard
But also check that it's not overridden in Settings -> Configure Shortcuts
S-Up \E[1;2A
falloutphil /
Last active Jan 5, 2020
Create Mega Adblock Hostsfile for use with Dnsmasq (Modified from Pi-hole)
# Modified Pi-hole script to generate a generic hosts file
# for use with dnsmasq's addn-hosts configuration
# original :
# taken from:
# You can also get more blocks from:
# Specifically:

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