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@fang64 fang64/haproxy.cfg
Created Nov 2, 2016

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haproxy configuration
maxconn 4096
user haproxy
group haproxy
log local1 debug
log global
mode http
option httplog
option dontlognull
retries 3
option redispatch
option http-server-close
option forwardfor
maxconn 2000
timeout connect 5s
timeout client 15min
timeout server 15min
frontend public
bind :::80 v4v6
bind :::443 v4v6 ssl crt /etc/ssl/snakeoil.pem
option forwardfor except
use_backend webcam if { path_beg /webcam/ }
default_backend octoprint
errorfile 503 /etc/haproxy/errors/503-no-octoprint.http
backend octoprint
reqrep ^([^\ :]*)\ /(.*) \1\ /\2
#reqadd X-Scheme:\ https if { ssl_fc }
option forwardfor
server octoprint1
backend webcam
reqrep ^([^\ :]*)\ /webcam/(.*) \1\ /\2
server webcam1
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