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cgminer version 3.3.4 - Started: [2013-08-28 20:41:40]
(5s):2.578G (avg):2.741Gh/s | A:84 R:0 HW:2 WU:42.2/m
ST: 2 SS: 0 NB: 1 LW: 168 GF: 0 RF: 0
Connected to diff 1 with stratum as user jameswhite_terra
Block: 0013f139032c309d... Diff:65.8M Started: [20:41:40] Best share: 231
[P]ool management [S]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
AMU 0: | 312.5M/319.4Mh/s | A: 6 R:0 HW:1 WU: 3.4/m
AMU 1: | 327.4M/331.1Mh/s | A:13 R:0 HW:0 WU: 6.4/m
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whitejs@eir:~$ echo -e '\n\n\n\n\n' > sedfile
whitejs@eir:~$ cat /etc/passwd | md5sum
cf126f084734ebe8113f95dd5540106e -
whitejs@eir:~$ cat /etc/passwd | sed -f sedfile | md5sum
cf126f084734ebe8113f95dd5540106e -
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[ ! -d ~/.chef ] && mkdir -p ~/.chef
cat<<EOF > .chef/knife.rb
knife[:vsphere_host] = ""
knife[:vsphere_user] = "${LOGNAME}"
knife[:vsphere_pass] = "${WINDOWS_PASSWORD}"
knife[:vsphere_dc] = "Nashville"
knife[:vsphere_insecure] = true
chmod 600 .chef/knife.rb
proxyon; export GEM_HOME=~/lib; gem install knife-vsphere --no-ri --no-rdoc
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Check out today's full schedule below. All times in UTC.
16:00: Keynote: Stop Hiring DevOps Experts (And Start Growing Them) - Jez Humble, ThoughtWorks
16:30: Keynote: Puppet for Production in WebEx - Reinhardt Quelle, Cisco/WebEx
17:00: Keynote: Puppet at Scale – Case Study of PayPal's Learnings - Stan Hsu, PayPal
17:25: Keynote: VMware vCHS, Puppet, and Project Zombie - Nicholas Weaver, VMware
18:10: More Logstash Awesome - Jordan Sissel, DreamHost
20:30: Puppet Module Reusability - What I Learned from Shipping to the Forge - Gareth Rushgrove, Government Digital Service
21:20: DevOps Isn’t Just for WebOps: The Guerrilla’s Guide to Cultural Change - Michael Stahnke, Puppet Labs
View gist:6308809
16:00: Keynote: - Luke Kanies, Puppet Labs
16:40: Keynote: Why Did We Think Large Scale Distributed Systems Would be Easy? - Gordon Rowell, Google
17:15: Keynote: Open Sourcing the Cloud - Brian Stevens, Red Hat
18:10: How Do We Better Sell DevOps? - Gene Kim, IT Revolution Press
20:30: Nobody Has To Die Today: Keeping The Peace With The Other Meat Sacks - Mykel Alvis, MomentumSI
21:20: Vampires vs Werewolves: Ending the War Between Developers and Sysadmins with Puppet - Bess Sadler, Stanford University Library
22:10: So You've Got Scalability. Now What? - Carla Souza, Reliant Security
23:20: Multi-Provider Vagrant: AWS, VMware, and More - Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp
00:10: Building Data-Driven Infrastructure with Puppet - James Fryman, GitHub, Inc.
View gist:6226204
uri ldaps://
base dc=websages,dc=com
ldap_version 3
scope sub
TLS_CACERT /etc/ldap/ssl/domain_trustchain.pem
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[jameswhite@ve ~]$ authkeys -h
USAGE: /usr/local/sbin/authkeys { -s <ldap set> | -g <ldap_posix_group> | -u <ldap_posix_uidname> } [-f outfile] [-o <owner>] [ -p <perms>]
Examples: /usr/local/sbin/authkeys -g bofh -u whitejs -f /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
/usr/local/sbin/authkeys -g bofh -g admins -u james > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
/usr/local/sbin/authkeys -s root_authorized_keys -g admins -u james > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
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git log --pretty=oneline --reverse | while read commit comment; do
file_hash=$(git ls-tree $commit etc/fakeldap/hosts.yaml | cut -d " " -f 3 | cut -f 1);
if [ ! -z "$file_hash" ]; then
echo "$commit";
git cat-file -p $file_hash | sed -e's/#.*//' | grep . | head -1 ;
fi ;
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--exclude oldstable/ --exclude stable/ --exclude testing/ --exclude unstable/ \
--exclude squeeze/ --exclude wheezy/ --exclude jessie/ --exclude sid/ \
--exclude oldstable-proposed-updates/ --exclude squeeze-proposed-updates/ \
--exclude stable-proposed-updates/ --exclude wheezy-proposed-updates/ \
--exclude testing-proposed-updates/ --exclude jessie-proposed-updates/ \
--exclude oldstable-updates/ --exclude squeeze-updates/ \
--exclude stable-updates/ --exclude wheezy-updates/ \
--exclude stable-backports/ --exclude wheezy-backports/ \
--exclude rc-buggy/ --exclude experimental/ \
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