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[Minikube on WSL2 with Podman] Tips for running a local development Kubernetes cluster on WSL2 with Podman #wsl2 #minikube #podman #kubernetes #docker

minikube on WSL2 with Podman

Tips for running a single-node Kubernetes cluster on WSL2 with Podman


  1. Install Podman

  2. Edit /etc/containers/containers.conf:

    • Set cgroup_manager to cgroupfs
    • Set events_logger to file
  3. Install minikube

  4. Run minikube start --driver=podman

Local Registry

  1. Enable minikube local registry addon:

     minikube addons enable registry
  2. Install docker-ce-cli package for your distro

  3. Configure the environment to use minikube's Docker daemon (ie. eval $(minikube -p minikube docker-env))

  4. Push/pull images to/from localhost:5000/imagename

Note: Instead of pushing/pulling images into/from the registry, you can build and tag an image and set containers' imagePullPolicy to IfNotPresent or Never

Reaching minikube from Windows (Minikube <= v1.11.x)

  1. Make sure minikube is started (ie. run minikube start)

  2. Open an elevated PowerShell prompt and execute the following commands:

     # Run "wsl --list" and make sure the default WSL distro is set correctly
     $minikube_ip = "$(wsl minikube ip)"
     $wsl_ip = "$(wsl sh -c "ip addr show `$(ip route list default | grep -Po ' dev \K\w+') | grep -Po ' inet \K[\d.]+'")"
     route delete $minikube_ip 2>&1 | Out-Null
     route add $minikube_ip mask $wsl_ip

Note: You can also route the whole podman network subnet instead of only the minikube ip

Note: Instructions above should be followed after every restart


Podman does not play nicely with iptables-nft

Some distros like Debian, use the nftables framework by default. So in case of getting error messages like:

Error adding network: failed to list chains: running [...] iptables [...] (nf_tables)

Try switching to the legacy version of iptables.

Podman might not be able to pull the kicbase image in 240 seconds

The timeout value for timedCreateHost is currently hardcoded in the Minikube source-code!

In case minikube terminates with an error message like:

StartHost failed, but will try again: creating host: create host timed out in 240.000000 seconds

Try pulling the image manually before starting minikube:

BASE_IMAGE="$(minikube start --help | sed -En "s:^.*base-image='([^@]+).*:\1:p")"
sudo podman pull $BASE_IMAGE
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