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Filter Nooz posts by custom-field values
* The solution below allows you to filter Nooz posts by custom-field values.
* 1. Enable support for "custom-fields"
* 2. Add a custom field variable to a press release post, in the example below, the variable is "lang_type"
* 3. Use the "class" attribute to determine which shortcode instance gets filtered, in the example below, shortcodes using "class='lang-es'"
* Add support for "custom-fields" to the "nooz_release" post type.
add_filter( 'nooz/post-types/nooz_release/options', function( $args ) {
$args['supports'][] = 'custom-fields';
return $args;
} );
* Check for shortcodes using "class='lang-es'" and filter posts.
add_filter( 'nooz_posts_query_options', function( $query_options, $atts ) {
if ( FALSE !== strpos( $atts['class'], 'lang-es' ) ) {
$query_options['meta_key'] = 'lang_type';
$query_options['meta_value'] = 'es';
return $query_options;
}, 10, 2 );
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