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Corcoran Smith farmerbean

  • London, England
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Up front: It's been up on jack stands, SORN registered for just over a year as I wasn't using it pre-covid and wanted to keep the suspension from sagging.
I am not in a rush to sell it so only looking to get it off the stands for the buyer to drive it away.
All listed work below has receipts. I'll get some interior photos done soon.
I've had this car for 4/5 years now and have spent a huge amount of cash in maintenance and enhancements.
I am looking for sensible offers and the further away you take it so I never have to experience the pain of seeing you drive past me in future - the better.
I've got Anderson leads on this one and my current daily, so have been doing infrequent battery charges over the last year+.
If you :heart: the advert, I'll add more details if I remember them to the bottom of the below list.

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