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Parallel Tools fix for Ubuntu 19.04

First off, credit goes to for leading the way here.

In a very similar approach, copy the files from the Parallels installation media and drop them in a folder somewhere (eg. ~/parallels_fixed)

Go to the kmods directory (cd ~/parallels_fixed/kmods) and extract the files (tar -xzf prl_mod.tar.gz)

Remove prl_mod.tar.gz file from that directory (rm prl_mod.tar.gz)

Find this file: ~/<your-folder-goes-here>/kmods/prl_fs/SharedFolders/Guest/Linux/prl_fs/prlfs.h

Modify the file by going to line 16 and inserting a new line. Add this text: #include <uapi/linux/mount.h>

The file should now look like this. Save and exit.

#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <uapi/linux/mount.h>
#include <linux/types.h>

Go to the kmods directory (cd ~/parallels_fixed/kmods) and re-zip the files: tar -zcvf prl_mod.tar.gz . dkms.conf Makefile.kmods In case you missed it, yes that is a period(.) sitting there by itself and necessary.

Go to the installer directory cd ~/parallels_fixed/installer

Sudo chmod the script files: (and others) to be executable eg. sudo chmod 777 *.sh

Then run that file with: sudo ./ -i --verbose

Reboot when it's finished.

@andyrudoff and @katter - many thanks for highlighting the file name correction.

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