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goog.provide 'spark.components.Modal'
goog.require 'spark.core.View'
goog.require 'spark.components.Overlay'
class spark.components.Modal extends spark.core.View
Modal view with overlay option for Spark Framework. By default modal will be
appended to document body and it will have an overlay. When overlay clicked
the modal will be destroyed. You should pass title and content params of the
modal in your options. You can also customize buttons. See `@createButtons_`
for more information.
@param {Object=} options Class options.
@param {*=} data Class data
@extends {spark.core.View}
constructor: (options = {}, data) ->
@getCssClass options, 'modal'
options.title or= options['title'] or 'Modal title'
options.content or= options['content'] or 'Modal content'
options.renderTo or= options['renderTo'] or document.body
options.buttons or= options['buttons'] or spark.components.Modal.Buttons.YES_NO
options.overlay ?= options['overlay'] ? yes
options.removeOnOverlayClick ?= options['removeOnOverlayClick'] ? yes
super options, data
@buttons = {}
if options.overlay
@createTitle_ options.title
@createContent_ options.content
@createButtons_ options.buttons
Creates modal content.
@param {string} title Modal title.
createTitle_: (title) ->
@title = new spark.core.View
template : title
cssClass : 'modal-title'
renderTo : this
Creates modal content.
@param {string} content Modal content.
createContent_: (content) ->
@content = new spark.core.View
template : content
cssClass : 'modal-content'
renderTo : this
Creates modal buttons. You can use preset buttons like YES, YES_NO or you
can pass custom array which contains button options in it. Preset buttons
will emit `ModalButtonClicked` with button title. You can programatically
listen that event and look for button title to understand which button is
clicked. Custom buttons should contain its callback. No other events will be
fired for custom buttons. All buttons will be stored in `buttons` object
with its names.
@param {spark.components.Modal.Buttons|Array.<Object>} buttons Preset button
value in Buttons enum or custom buttons array.
createButtons_: (buttons) ->
@buttonsContainer = new spark.core.View
cssClass : 'buttons-container'
renderTo : this
presetButtons = goog.object.getValues spark.components.Modal.Buttons
buttons.forEach (options) =>
options.renderTo = @buttonsContainer
button = new spark.components.Button options
@buttons[options.title] = button
if presetButtons.indexOf(buttons) > -1
button.on, =>
@emit 'ModalButtonClicked', options.title
Sets overlay for modal. Overlay and modal will be destroyed when overlay
clicked if `removeOnOverlayClick` options is passed true in modal options.
setOverlay_: ->
isRemovable = @getOptions().removeOnOverlayClick
@overlay = new spark.components.Overlay
removeOnClick: isRemovable
if isRemovable
@overlay.once 'OverlayRemoved', =>
Preset button options.
@ButtonOptions =
YES : { title: 'Yes', cssClass: 'green' }
NO : { title: 'No', cssClass: 'red' }
CANCEL : { title: 'Cancel', cssClass: 'grey' }
Preset buttons enum. Created buttons will emit 'ModalButtonClicked' event
width button value.
@enum {Array.<string>}
@Buttons =
'YES' : [ spark.components.Modal.ButtonOptions.YES ]
'NO' : [ spark.components.Modal.ButtonOptions.NO ]
'YES_NO' : [
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