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Tekkeköy Belediyesi Android App Privacy Policy

Tekkeköy Belediyesi Android App Privacy Policy

The developers of Tekkeköy Belediyesi take your family's safety and enjoyment very seriously. We have written this policy to explain to you exactly what information we collect from you and what we do with it. We promise at all times to protect your information and only use it for the purpose that you gave it to us for.

  • We don't collect any personal information from you. You will not be asked to provide an email address (except for login), sign into social media, or divulge anything that can identify you.
  • Tekkeköy Belediyesi may only report back to us in the event of a crash via Crashlytics. Google's privacy policy covers what is sent in these crash reports. We will not disclose any personal information contained therein, should it be present.
  • We don't show ads. You will not be harrassed by blinking panels or popups.
  • We don't have in-app purchases. There is nothing to buy. There will always be a 100% free version of the app. This is currently the only version.
  • We use the device camera for take photos and uploading photos which you selected on the gallery.

Changes to this policy will be made here. Please leave questions and concerns on Google Play.

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