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class Account
include Mongoid::Document
include Mongoid::Timestamps
field :subdomain, :type => String
embeds_many :users
accepts_nested_attributes_for :users
validates_presence_of :name, :subdomain
validates_uniqueness_of :subdomain, :case_sensitive => false
validates_exclusion_of :subdomain, :in => %w(www support media admin help), :message => "%s is reserved"
validates_each :users do |document, attribute, value|
users = value.to_a
unless users.any? && users.all?(&:valid?)
document.errors.add(attribute, :invalid, :value => value)
class User
include Mongoid::Document
include Mongoid::Timestamps
embedded_in :account, :inverse_of => :users
devise :database_authenticatable, :recoverable, :rememberable,
:authentication_keys => [ :email, :subdomain ]
def self.find(*args)
options = args.extract_options!
user_options = Hash[*(options[:conditions] || {}).map { |k, v| [ :"users.#{k == :id ? :_id : k}", v ] }.flatten]
if account = Account.find(*(args + [options.merge(:conditions => user_options)]))
account.users.detect do |u|
options[:conditions].all? { |k, v| u.send(k) == v }
def self.find_for_authentication(conditions={})
if account = Account.where(:subdomain => conditions.delete(:subdomain)).first
account.users.detect { |u| == conditions[:email] }
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nstielau commented Oct 5, 2010

This doesn't really explain how users are created and embedded in the accounts. "Access to the collection for User is not allowed since it is an embedded document, please access a collection from the root document." I'll fork and add anything I come up with. Thanks for the start.

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mrichman commented Jan 2, 2011

What does routes.rb look like here? What would an example of seeds.rb look like when creating a single account with a single dummy user? Thanks!

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djfobbz commented Feb 14, 2011

with this approach, how much users (maximum) can i embed in my account document? unlimited? would references many be a better approach?

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fauxparse commented Feb 15, 2011

@djfobbz: I'm not in a position to answer questions about your problem domain. This was a good fit for me, since in my app I always had access to the current account and so all the user stuff was scoped to that account and loaded automatically, and there weren't many users per account.Your mileage may vary.

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jeremy6d commented Jan 4, 2013

I've documented an alternative approach here. I'd be interested in any comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

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